About Us

Safebox24 was created by professionals with many years of international expertise in security, personal rights protection, banking, and cyber-security. With these experiences, we are preparing unique facilities for individuals and companies who want something special when securing their savings, important documents or other valuable items.

Safebox24 guarantees full security of stored goods. Our facilities are designed based on careful location selection and the latest and proven security technologies. Each of our facilities is monitored and supervised 24/7.

Apart from physical security, we offer an extra security factor with a carefully prepared insurance policy covering every facility and the property inside it.

Safebox24 is up-to-date and available 24 hours, seven days a week. Our customers can access their safe deposit boxes whenever they want. Safebox24 treasury facilities are prepared in a way that ensures the highest comfort, security, discretion, and parking space.

We guarantee 100% confidentiality and discretion to our renters. We offer our services based on transparent rules, at the highest level and most affordable price.

Safebox24 – Our safe deposit boxes are the security you need 24/7